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Striving to Keep you looking your best

We are like the architects of the fashion industry. Before we can jump on the machine and sew away, we first have to re-draw the "blueprints." Redesigning clothes requires a lot of meticulous measuring and precision cutting. Redesigning is the first step on this journey to a custom garment.

Crafting a piece of clothing is just like constructing a piece of art. It requires talent and skill. Transformation is reconnecting each piece in its new spot. Matching thread to thread, and seam to seam, soon enough, an old garment will be revitalized!

Customized clothing enhances your image. It helps you be you; its your own style. Every piece of custom clothing is unique and crafted to fit only your measurements. It is a sense of individuality. Transformed clothing pieces don't just enhance your image, but it enhances your lifestyle as well.


Linh's Alterations


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